Jointly buying a hotel at covid-19 opportunities

small/big investors buy a boutique hotel at 70% of original value

About us

We are a group of young investors from Tel Aviv who recognize there is an opportunity to buy a boutique hotel during covid-19 financial crisis with relatively small sums each. The current period has opened the opportunity for us which three months ago was just a fantasy. The Corona has causes markets to decline and allow small players like us to rise. There is room for additional investors to join is even with small investment. We believe that every crises creates an opportunity and every crises has an end. Our opportunity is to finish the crises with a significantly valuable property at a minimal cost and break the barrier for entry that was saved for the big corporations.

 צעירים/משקיעים קטנים קונים מלון בוטיק ב50% משווי מקורי

To apply joining us and more information: 
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Why did we enter into the deal?

Central real estate -

Accelerated tourist market -

Buy at 70% of the value of the land before any difficulties with the seller -

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