From The Opportunity Hunters De-Marker 3.4.2020

"Specially during current difficult times, the big tourism corporations go through financial stress and struggle paying their liabilities. this is our time, the young ones to Shatter the ceiling glass and make our money work better for us” was written at a post who have been published by the entrepreneur and investor Tomer Cohen who called for more small investors to join him to buy hotel at prime location, which Cohen claims has raised its owner to a challenging financial situation. The details of the hotel and the transaction were kept confidential. "Within less than 24 hours of posting, I received hundreds of inquiries from people who believe that right now we have opportunity. For the past few years I have been trying to enter the hotel world in Tel Aviv, without success. Even when I already had financial backing from investors - competition was impossible with the big corporations in that market. Now, because of Covid-19, the hotel corporations are suddenly getting a huge hit, and especially the owners of the private boutique hotels. When people need money - the negotiations are more flexible, and suddenly we have the opportunity to enter this world. " Cohen adds that it is clear for him that a challenging period is expected to remain with the tourism and hotel industry even as the crisis unfolds - but he believes that future price increases are guaranteed.

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